sunnuntai 18. elokuuta 2013

Autumn creeping in

We went for a little Sunday walk and then we went to visit my mother-in-law who had just been released from the hospital after her appendix surgery. We saw some really nice faeryrings. I love fairyrings.
(OP is by infanta. Everything but the old parasol is offbrand)

Mushroom mushroom

Mandatory arabesque photo

And Nap in the nest photo...

sunnuntai 11. elokuuta 2013

White and black outfit

So boring what I wore today outfit post,

I bough the white JSK from Angelic Pretty's store in Paris. Also trying to learn to use head eating bow a bit, even though they still make me feel like the "invisible Child" from Moomins.


torstai 8. elokuuta 2013

Some summer outfits....

An unusually pastelly coordination I wore for a quick stop at Ropecon. (I would have loved to stayed longer, but I got lost on my way there. And by the time I got there was too tired.)
A day before birthday coordinate

The beloved ne Mary Magdalene onepeace and sad story of a hat. I really loved that hat from Accesorize sales,but the very next day the wind blew it out of my head. I didn't even notice because I was wearing a wig and the hat weights nothing.  I really miss you hat, where ever you are.

sunnuntai 4. elokuuta 2013

Groke goes to Paris

(Yes it's our tradition to take Groke photoes when ever we are traveling)




Triuphant Groke!

 Groke and Mona

 And this is where Groke lost his money...