tiistai 31. tammikuuta 2012

Well Kittymas is over

Sorry I've been lazy lately. For some reason I haven't felt like taking pictures of my outfits lately. I've felt like being invisible. Hopefully that will change, with the warmer spring winds eventually.

I did promise you a picture of this. It was a kittymas present from the most beloved hubby. (Not that I have that many.) It's suprisingly difficult to find good colars for it to go with, and to get it to stay in place, but I'm testing the possibilities. The opal like cameo is adorable.

Here also a berry pie ring and a domino cookie hairclip I bought from Ofelia Market. I call the latter my Hello Domino. Both are from Essi's World. I really like her stuff. It's so cute and original.

perjantai 6. tammikuuta 2012

Ballet pictures

So Kittymas came and went. Santa brought me among other things a nice lace collar I will try to take a picture of for you when I remember. The year did start of on a sad note as I lost one of my cats. Patra was almost 20 years old and with kidney problems so this was to be expected, but still it's harder than you expect. She was a cat with a big personality, and it feels like I've lost a part of myself. So just the silly two rags and me now. Patra was the only sane one in the family...RIP
 I had a ballet photoshoot on Tuesday. We got inspired by trash cans. They had a deep symbolic meaning for where our lives are going with dance...

Yes dears, I am posting a picture of myself in Crocs boots Baby the Stars Shine Bright umbrella romantic tutu and a hoodie jumping on a trampoline doing fake kung fu(?) in my blog...Is this a serious case of the special snow flake syndrome?

And what I learned is that a trampoline totally kills your back. I hope I can make it through the two our class tomorrow morning. Just know I'm still suffering a lot of pain from doing this. Don't try this at home kids.