perjantai 6. tammikuuta 2012

Ballet pictures

So Kittymas came and went. Santa brought me among other things a nice lace collar I will try to take a picture of for you when I remember. The year did start of on a sad note as I lost one of my cats. Patra was almost 20 years old and with kidney problems so this was to be expected, but still it's harder than you expect. She was a cat with a big personality, and it feels like I've lost a part of myself. So just the silly two rags and me now. Patra was the only sane one in the family...RIP
 I had a ballet photoshoot on Tuesday. We got inspired by trash cans. They had a deep symbolic meaning for where our lives are going with dance...

Yes dears, I am posting a picture of myself in Crocs boots Baby the Stars Shine Bright umbrella romantic tutu and a hoodie jumping on a trampoline doing fake kung fu(?) in my blog...Is this a serious case of the special snow flake syndrome?

And what I learned is that a trampoline totally kills your back. I hope I can make it through the two our class tomorrow morning. Just know I'm still suffering a lot of pain from doing this. Don't try this at home kids.

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  1. Toi viimenen kuva on aivan käsittämättömän ihana! Jotenkin nuo hiukset ja tossujen nauhat ja kaikki menee niin kauniisti.

  2. Special snowflake syndrome is a beautiful thing on the right person IOW you! Plz to be only getting worse with it, these photos really made my morning.

    My favourites:
    - that first one, it's hilarious and genius at the same time and whoever thought of it needs all their favourite foods in the world!
    - the one after that with the dried flowers is somehow really, really sad and lovely
    - OMG the colours of the third one, I'm in loooove
    - nowait, the pic on the trampoline with them boots and the parasol - now I'm in love!!!
    - the pic after that dfhfgmgfkahgdfjhsghfs how does a human bend that way, also OMG THE COLOURS
    - I laughed a little bit out loud at the last one! In the small pic it looks a bit like you're wearing pointe shoes in your hands. XD

  3. Kiitos Kaichi ja Kaino!

    Pointeshoes in hands , I SHOULD have done that! Next time...

  4. Aivan ihania kuvia, kaikissa kuvissa on niin hauska idea:)! Ensimmäinen ja viimeinen baletti kuva ovat kyllä ehdottomasti lempparini♥.