lauantai 17. syyskuuta 2011

The plastic family grows

Kittymas came early this year. She was supposed to be a Kittymas present, but my hubby didn't have the heart to keep her wrapped up so long. (Actually alwayt s when the autumn start I get a bit of a craving that it's going to be Kittymas soon. Before the whole commercial it's blasted from everywhere hoopla starts, that ruins it.) So my plastic family from IW is now complete. I think I'm going to name her Antoinette, because I've been reading a book about Marie Antoinette, and oh well...If only I were her size and could borrow her clothes...

The Daily outfit. APs secret garden was my first brand dress. And I still wear it a lot. It was passed along the lolita community a lot before finding a loving home at my place.  Autumn often brings with it a craving for black.

3 kommenttia:

  1. Olisi hauskaa nähdä kaikki nukkesi! Voisitkohan esitellä ne joskus blogissasi?

    Asusi on klassisen hurmaava, kuten aina. <3

  2. Kiitos, laittelen paremman yhteiskuvan
    IW-perheestäni jakka kerkiän.

  3. Joo tosiaa olisi ihanaa nähdä kaikki nuket <3
    ps. AP:n secret garden on ihana * Q *