lauantai 19. toukokuuta 2012

A walk in the cook book outfit

On what turned out to be the first actually warm day, I had to wear black. I think this is a last time I'm going to be wearing black for awhile.
That IW skirt of mine always makes me so hungry...doghnuts, tea, icecream.
 Maybe I am a little anemic as I find a big rusty nail and my first instict is to pose with it like this..mmm iron.

I love this nest thing.

 And the railway leading to water.

Spring lovely spring. I wish the fresh light green would stay for longer, but got to enjoy it while I can. Thank you for watching!

5 kommenttia:

  1. Ihana tuo pesä ja raiteet! :D Ja nätti asu.

  2. Ihania kuvia ja tosi sievä asu:). Ja mitä ihmettä, pesä!? Voi ei, miten söpö:>♥!

  3. The nest thing is weird but really cool that you found it :D
    Love your bonnet by the way :)

  4. Kiitos Kata ja Iris! Thant you Alexandriaweb!

    The nest is from an art display on the lake in the year 2009. It's a bit worse than back then, but it's so nice that it's still standing, despite being under a heavy snow blanket many years.

  5. Suloinen tuo pesä ja nuo raiteet on tosi jännät! Asusi on taas niin moitteeton ja kaunis.