tiistai 31. heinäkuuta 2012

Armored up at Ropecon and Plaque Picnic

Last weekend was Ropecon. My friend let me get armored up.

Hey, they have hearts, the perfect lolita gloves... Then it was time to armor up completely
Grr, I'm the new Jean D'arc beware my wrath! It was heavy, but not as bad as I expected. My hypersensitivity to any scratching sound of metal, because of my hyperacusia was a bigger problem. But hey I still tried on a chainmail armor. I deserve to be knighted for my bravery! And yes, I have my dress with all the pettycoats and my hubbys T-shirt to protect it under there. That's a Stars Shine Bright-kind of Baby, not a real one.

I love the Giant Microbes plushies and my hubby got me a tiny personality approriate sleeping sickness.

 He loves giving me diseases. I've already gotten chlamydia and a rhinovirus from him. I bought myself a tiny brain cell, as I've been feeling lacking in that department.

Then here's a video of the Plague Picnic, a emilie Autumn fan meet up where crazy girls get a little crazy.

I love blowing soap bubbles. It's my favorite summertime activity.

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