torstai 21. helmikuuta 2013

Dead bodies and dolls

I went to see the Body Worlds exibit at Heureka with my husband. Well I've had to study a lot and have always been interested in the human anatomy. At least I wasn't repulsed at all by seeing real dead bodies as they are so plastic preserved, you really just view them with a clinical frame of mind. But of course this is very individual. It would have been nice to take a photo next to a dead body, but unfortunately they didn't allow photography. So here's what I wore, same old scool Baby as Ophelia Market. Unfortunately I forgot my same old beloved heart bag from the picture.

I've been really into old toys of my childhood nostalgia lately. I'm so happy I re-got this  Maiden Curly Crown from Ebay. I was absolutely nuts about Lady Lovely Locks as a kid. (I guess it gave me really unrealistic expectations about hair...)

Already eagerly waiting for Hellocon and happy to see many of you there!

2 kommenttia:

  1. Harmi ettei niistä saanu ottaa kuvia! :D Ois ollu jännä nähä.

  2. No tuosta Heurekan esittelykuvasta saa jo aika hyvän käsityksen. Ja niiden omilla sinuilla on muutama pieni. Kannattaa mennä katsomaan jos kiinnostaa, tosin aika kallista lystiäpä tuo oli.