lauantai 13. huhtikuuta 2013

Teaparty and feetsies

We had an artsy teaparty at Mimi's place. We drew potraits of each other. (Though I'm not good at that at all.) Here's my outfit:
 The woman without eyes. Well, they were small and ugly to begin with, maybe it's a good thing I lost them. And here all the artsy ducks:
Photography ^by the camera wizard Sanni 

A close up of my new favorite necklace that fits my life perfectly
And when I'm bore I take pictures of my feet. Just had to try the Kawaii Goods Sweetie Dreams tights with pointe shoes.
and oh deer,TejaJamilla's deer socks:


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  1. Ihan mahtava tuo koru? :D Mistä olet moisen löytänyt?

  2. Kiitos niin minustakin. Etsystä: