keskiviikko 26. kesäkuuta 2013

Meet up and other stuff

I went to a clothes swap meet up at Ilona' My Outfit was strawberry and cherry themed.

Ilove that new hat from IW, though I originally wanted it with white ribbon so it would have been more coordinatable with sweet. I'm still nuts about strawberries.

Ibought this lovely Angelic Pretty's Powder Rose JSK from Mari. As I tried to take a picture of it My Little Brandwhore Tättis was all over it as usual. Just rolling around on it from joy. I swear she never does that with off-brand pieces.

And just random stuff. I got a new bike a few weeks ago. I haven't owned a bike in over 20 years. And yes I can still ride it, although a bit shakily.So to practise I had to take my Pinkie Pie plush for a teeny ride, because she coordinates with the bike so nicely.

And just a random find. Iwas so glad to find these Mary Cicely Barker's Flower Faerie coasters
I've loved her faery art ever since I was a faery obsessed little kid.

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