sunnuntai 29. huhtikuuta 2012

Going to see a movie with hubby

Flowers have sprungeven in our backyard. So I thought I'd share an outfit pictures of yesterday.
Yay, it's almost a maze. I would love to get lost in one.

We went to see "Dangerous Method". A very interesting movie. The potrayal of relaionship between Jung and Freud was of particular interest to me. I just think Kiera Knightley was an unfortunate choice. She lacked the emotional complexity for the character.For those interested in the subject I do recomend the movie "Soul Keeper". I want a white edwardian style white blouse now...

5 kommenttia:

  1. Super ihania kuvia taas kerran ja tosi sievä asu:)! Hyvää vappua♥!

  2. Lovely outfit :) It's so elegant and perfect for spring

  3. Kiitos Iris! Hyvää Vappua!
    Thank you Xylia!

  4. Ihania kuvia! Näytät todella nätiltä :3

  5. Ikävöin Suomen kevättä... well... maybe late spring anyway. :) Toinen kuva on ihana!