lauantai 9. maaliskuuta 2013

Huge I've been shopping too much post

First the things I bought at Hellocon:

Essi's jellyfish necklace, in lavender of course. My husband got this for me. Thank you dear!

Baby the Stars Shine Bright bolero. One can never have too many of these, and I have a special love for strawberries. I probably can't wear it at my house though, because my cats have a special love for dangly things.

A hair ammonite, because of my love of fossils especially the Burgess Shale type of fauna. (Anomalocaris and hallucigenia are my special favorites.) My husband made a remark that almost any type of flora or fauna can be found on my head.

I love love love my new Victorian Maiden's Beth line JSK! At first I was almost depressed by I want a new dress and have money and can't find anything blues, But then when I saw Momo bringing it to the fleamarket I snached it right away. Love at first sight.

Oh deer, joined the Essi's Bambi boomers. I can't wait to use this in a shiro albino bambi coordinate.

Cute little so soft and fuzzy bunny Lolita Complex was selling. Money went to charity to help animals after the Fukushima accident.

 Candy House totebag. I have a skirt of the same print and these are always handy.

And then the dangers of surfing the internet, the sharks that nom your wallet contents...
Deer OTK socks from Teja Jamilla. I love her printed tights.

From Kawaii Goods:

 I fell in love with this fuzzy bear hat Lovely Lor wore in her funny Shit Lolitas Say videos. And now it's mine.

And sweet dreams tights with little unicorns. So much materialistic happiness!

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  1. Voi ihanuuksia ♥
    Uus jsk on aivan upea, teit hienon löydön. Tais mennä muutenkin siellä myynti aika kuumille kiville, ainakin heti aamusta kaikki hamuili kiireellä mitä ehti. :P

    Hihi..mulla on kans tommonen pörröinen nalle-hattu, se on niin söpis. ^^

    ~ Frillycakes ♥ ~