sunnuntai 2. lokakuuta 2011

Cloudberrylady teaparty

I got a kind invitation to perform at the Cloudberry Lady's teaparty. Fellow lolitas are always a nice audience to perform to. Afterall I really feel there is much in common with a aesthetics of ballet and lolita, the search of faerytail like romantic beauty. The thing that has me strongly hooked to both.

Of course these small slippery spaces not meant for dancing are practically a suicide to dance on. Raymonda's variation didn't go so well. I had to make some changes to directions (my apologies Marius Petipa turning in your grave) and there was some slipping. The Dying Swan went a lot better. I've always been somehow more comfortable in the non-human tragic roles, well I always love to perform it.
 (Thank you for the picture Aristosa)

Anyway I got to meet many lovely people. A lovely day of escapism indeed. I've also been impressed with Cloudberry Lady's new lines. Of course the Sparkly Space Attack appeals to my space nerdiness and the new fall line print was very nice too. Hopefully after my financial situation hopefully improves I can make an order from them.
Dear hubby, who was my chaffeur and asistant and put up with all the frilliness. (Thank you for the picture plant_t)

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  1. Näyttää todella ihastuttavalta. Asusi on myös suloinen ^^

  2. Oi ihanaa kun laitoit videotakin tänne kun itse missasin ensimmäisen esityksen. Olet kyllä aivan saamarin elegantti tapaus *_* Toivottavasti näemme tanssiasi tas pian.

  3. Kiitos kovasti Mademoiselle Parapluie ja Asio Otus. Video on erityisesti teille sen missanneille syystä tai toisesta, vaikka en erityisesti ylpeä suorituksesta olekaan. Pölöläisille on aina suuri ilo tanssia!

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