sunnuntai 23. lokakuuta 2011

Colour inspiration and angst.

Classic lolita was the style I originally fell in love with. The thing that's the problem for me is all the muted colours. (Same problem with mori style). I love to death the down to earth but elegant look on other people, but beige and muted pastels make me look like I have the jaundice...Ok wine read and navy and black look good on me. Brown is a colour that I would say I'm usually not for some reason comfortable in, but lately I've been craving deep chocolate brown.
I would also really want to have a pearl grey jumper skirt. Pearl grey is another colour I've really been craving lately. Kittymas (what a pagan me calls Christmas, because well that's who I rather hold a mas to.) for some reason always makes me crave tartan. Navy tartan is gorgeous, why don't I own any. My heart belongs to Mary Magdalene. Why don't I own any? Some day...If I were a rich girl.

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