tiistai 1. tammikuuta 2013

Animals and lavender

My friend Mari kindly invited me and Kata to a teaparty at her place. I  got to meet her lovely animal friends. Here I am with Chico and his wonderful handsomeness.

And even her highness of cuteness Odessa the bunny let me pet her for awhile.

My JSK is from BtSSB,
cardigan is from H&M,
bag from Angelic Pretty,
boots from Bodyline.
Bear headdress and ring are from Essi's World.
Wig is from Lockshop.
Tights which you unfortunately can't see vey well but I like very much as they have keys and watches printed on them, (Appropriate for a watch maker's wife) are from TejaJamilla

Thank you for the pictures Kata!

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