tiistai 15. marraskuuta 2011

Night lolita!

I was watching some Misako Aoki videos on youtube. (How can a person be such pure cuteness?)
And I started missing Japan horribly. The polite bowing smiling peole who apreciate cuteness and prettiness and lolita stores and yummy food. So what happens is that not having slept well in ages I suddenly get an urge to lolify for awhile around 2 AM...Does that ever happen to anyone else.

Me with my new big fashion Fluttershy
I glued some pinecones and an acorn on hairpins for a slightly morier accessory

Japan I miss you!

3 kommenttia:

  1. You look beautiful in the pictures!^^

    sometimes when i saw lolita videos on youtube i want more and more go to japan >_<!!

  2. Olet tosi sievä taas kerran<3!
    Tosi hyvä idea muuten nuo käpy-ja tammenterhopinnit, ne on super söpöjä:,>.
    Myös japani kuvat ovat tosi kauniita ja niissä olevat asut ovat ihania!

  3. Thank you Llovizna ja kiitos Iris!