lauantai 5. marraskuuta 2011

Night walk to the graveyard

So first outfit for today. Or more so the nightley outfit:
The new Baby JSK that was unlucky enough to be my first Closet Child purchaise that got stuck in customs. The crochetted little pink flowers have a lovely country feeling. country lolita is something I have a big soft spot for.

So it being all Hallows Eve my hubby and I decided to take a walk in the graveyard between  1-2 AM.
 All, the candles are so pretty. And I love graveyards they are so peaceful. Well we weren't the only ones who got that idea. I suddenly saw something small and pale and ghostly very quietly crawling behind the tombstones. But it wasn't a ghost, it was the friendly even though slightly timid neighborhood cat.

Eagerly waiting for Crème de la Garderobe tomorrow.

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