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Wide Sargasso Sea

This was a book by Jean Rhys I wanted to read for a long time. I saw the 1993 movie version of it many years ago. The floating seaweeds were an image that kind of got stuck in my head.

I resently also bought the new movie version.
(Narated trailers always seem so corny)
Yes it's a sort of prequel to Jane Eyre. (Another one of my favorite books) "There is always another side to every story." Rebekka Hall does a beautiful job, but Rafe Spall is dissapointingly stiff and woody Mr. Rochester.

I finally ordered the book. It was short but very poetic and touching. Or is it just that for me Antoinette is a character I find scarily easy to relate to. Having been bullied for my exotic looks and just often been made to feel like a foreigner in the land I was born in having never known any other. Just like Antoinette is looked down upon for being Creole and suffering from confusion of identity having been rejected by others all her life. And having inherited  a trait that some call madness or maybe just over sensitivity and sadness from my mother. Jane Eyre is a story if what if secretly she was loved this is a story of what if she was not.

“‘Rose elle a vecu,’ I said and laughed. ‘Is that poem true? Have all beautiful things sad destinies?’
‘No, of course not.’”

It's not a Brontë, but it is very beautiful

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