sunnuntai 13. marraskuuta 2011

Recent randomness

So I dyed my hair completely black again. I like being an enemy of Clerasil and Snow White is my idol.
I got through another performance of Cascades from Elite Syncopations.
(Picture is last spring not yesterday. Sadly I had no time or energy to take pictures.)
I can't say it went particularly well, but I do love performing. The air is just different on stage. It's an aquarium of something else. I love loosing myself and all words in movement.

A very casual outfit when I went to see my friend on Friday. I just couldn't wait using the Paris Window skirt.
The pink days continue. I lived in a pink room all my childhood. Then when teenage set in, I just couldn't stand pink anymore. The usual story, black/dark colours are my armor. Maybe I've gone full circle back to pink again. (Detail: I'm wearing my Essi's world's happy pill necklace.)

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